Discover the city of Rome and its most beautiful and interesting suburbs following an unconventional itinerary. Then move to Abruzzo, region in the Middle Italy where you can recover the contact with the peaceful Nature and the old traditions, visiting both the mountains and the seaside.

Hotels selected by the agency, stays in historic villages and farmhouses

1° day - Rome

Arrival in Rome and check in at an hotel.

Guided visit to the Colosseum and the imperial fora accompanied. At the end of the visit lunch at a restaurant and in the afternoon stroll among the main roman roads: from Venetia square our guide will lead you along via del Corso with its shops, discovering the most famous and amazing attractions, such as Piazza di Spagna, Trevi’s fountain, the Pantheon and much more.

Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight.


Vespa tour If you would like to add more taste to your first day in Rome, you can combine this packet with an exciting tour by Vespa as in the movie roman holidays, following Audrey Hepburn’s example. From the city center, you will drive along the roman roads, reaching some of the most beautiful areas outside the city walls. You will ride among the typical houses from the 20s in the famous neighborhood of Garbatella, or among the big palaces from the 70s in the area of Spinaceto until to the beautiful villas in Casal Palocco, between the city and the sea of Ostia.
Every morning there are streets in each neighbourhood that get crowded and animated with the pitchmen’s benches and their products. We can grant a walk among vegetables, meats, cured meats and different kinds of cheese in the “flower market”, one of the oldest ones in the capital. This market, with its explosion of colors, smells and vivacity, has turned into a legend thanks to the cinema, the art and the poetry, that continue to use it in order to give a portray of Rome in its true essence.
Bike Tour accompanied by an expert guide along the Appia Road, admiring the most beautiful monuments and places of the park and discovering the less famous treasures of the city, in order to pass a peaceful day in contact with the nature, far away from the urban chaos.
The Caffarella valley reflects the history of Rome, of its culture, of the civilizations and the land on which they settled down. The valley lies just next to the Aurelian Walls, between two ancient main roads, the Latina road and the Appia road. The valley was the scenery of many myths and legends, probably inspired by its soft mountains that work as natural boundary, and certainly by the presence of the Almone, a small tributary of the river Tiber, that the Romans considered sacred.

2° day - Tivoli

Breakfast and departure for Tivoli, that is an interesting city, about 30 km far from Rome. Here we will visit Villa d ’Este, villa of the 16th century, famous for its terraced hillside Italian renaissance garden and especially for its profusion of fountains. It is now an Italian state museum, and listed as UNESCO world heritage site.

Lunch in a local restaurant. In the afternoon drive to Hadrian’s villa, built in the 2nd century by emperor Hadrian, and once greater than the center of imperial Rome. The largest and most luxurious residence ever built in Italy; it features an impressive array of imperial palaces, temples, theaters, thermal baths and pools. In the evening we will walk around a beautiful area called Trastevere, here we will have dibnner alltogether.

Return to the hotel for overnight.


Castel Sant’Angelo If you prefer the color and vivacity of the city rather than the peace and silence of the countryside, you will be still on time to visit the famous Castel Sant’angelo, that arises in its majesty on the right side of the river Tiber, just in front of the Sant’Angelo bridge and next to the Vatican. The structure was initially commissioned by the roman emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum for himself and his family, in 125. The building was later used by the popes as a fortress and castle, and is now a museum.

3° day - Vatican

Breakfast and departure for the Vatican museums, with the Sistine chapel and the papal apartments that contain the fabulous frescos by Michelangelo and Raffaello. Packed lunch offered by the hotel. In the afternoon visit of the magnificent Saint Peter’s Basilica.

In the evening, we will lead you to the fascinating via Pigneto, a wide pedestrian street lined with cafés and bustling with young people enjoying the afternoon sun.

4° day - Garden of Ninfa and Orange Garden

Breakfast and departure to reach the Garden of Ninfa that is a landscape garden just outside the city of Rome, considered as an Italian natural monument, as it contains medieval ruins, and several kinds of plants, as well as several watercourses and a large variety of rambling roses growing over the stone walls. Ninfa has been described as "the most romantic garden in the world". At the end of the visit lunch in a local restaurant.

In the afternoon return to Rome for a stroll, at sunset, in the peaceful and romantic “Orange Garden”, from whose belvedere you can admire the entire city.

Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight.

5° day - Abruzzo

Breakfast and road to Abruzzo. Arrival at a wellknown bio-agritourism surrounded by the beautiful Abruzzo landscape. After the assignement of the rooms we will visit the place, walking along the vineyard and the olive tree groves and enjoying the relaxing panorama, composed of the Gran Sasso and Maiella mountains. The agritourism includes also one of the best wine cooperatives in Abruzzo and Italy, so you wiil have the opportunity to see how grapes are treated following the different steps to obtain a bottle of wine. At the end of the visit the owners will be proud to make you taste their organic wines together with some typical dishes of Teramo culinary tradition.

Lunch and departure for Tortoreto Alta, elegant medieval village with a beautiful belvedere from which you can have an amazing view of the Adriatic Sea. You will walk along the ancient roads, passing through beautiful archways, admiring the tower of the clock and enjoying the peace of the place.

Near the village, through an old road used by shepherds and their flocks in the past, we will reach a family- runned farming enterprise that produces its own DOP olive oil by organic agricolture. The enterprise has been reviewed by “Il Gambero Rosso”, an enogastronomy review among the most prestigious ones in Italy. We will visit the farm, walking among the olive trees and breathing the fresh air. At the end we will have a degustation of the different olive oils produced in the enterprise.

Dinner in a typical restaurant where you can try a unique Abruzzo specialty.

Return to the hotel and overnight.


To make your experience in Abruzzo more interesting and relaxing you could choose ride a horse in the peacefull countryside among trees and water streams, far away from the bursting noise of the town, just hearing the singing of the birds.
Are you feeling active? Get on your bike and follow our guide in an interesting tour along the olive oil roads. At the end of the tour, there will be a degustation of some of the best olive oils in the area.

6° day - Civitella del Tronto and Atri

Breakfast and departure for Civitella del Tronto, village belonging to the national park of the Gran Sasso mountain and Monti della Laga. It is a town rich in art and history. You will visit the Fort that still preserves its ancient suggestion. Guided visit of the Nact museum which displays the history of fashion from the end of the eighteen century till the first postwar period, with more than 700 pieces which represent one of the greatest Italian collections about the textile history of the nineteenth-century.

Lunch at the restaurant. In the afternoon road to Atri. Arrival and check in at the hotel. Stroll

along the beautiful and small roads of the village, rich in art, history and culture, with ancient Palaces, churches, museums and suggestive views. Dinner at the hotel and overnight.


Follow our guide in a special itinerary practising the nordic walking. You will be visiting the small village of Bisenti where you can find one of the best artesanal chocolaterie in Abruzzo. We will visit the laboratory and taste some of the specialties prepared by the master chocolatiere. Then the itinerary follows in the nature, along old roads and the so called tratturi, ancient roads used by shepherds to move the flocks.
Visit in a perfume laboratory where you will discover all the phases that lead to the creation of perfumes till to the market placement of the final product. You will follow the artistic and technical steps for developping a perfume collection. As personal request you can choose your favourit frangrances and ask for your own personal perfume to be created by the experts. The laboratory also produces perfumed water, handcrafted soaps, perfumed candles and cleansers.
Follow the youg guys of WWF in the beautiful landscape created by the Calanchi (Badlands). Badlands are a type of dry terrain where softer sedimentary rocks and clay-rich soils have been extensively eroded by wind and water. These formations are particularly common in the area around Atri.

7° day - Trabocchi Coast

Breakfast and road to the suggestive Tower of Cerrano, one of the oldest towers on the coast belonging to the Kingdom of Neaples, and the Museum of the Sea. After the visit we drive down to the extreme south of Abruzzo, remaining buy the coast and reaching the wonderful “Trabocchi Coast”. Guided visit of the Abbey of Fossacesia. Lunch with Fish Menu in one of the many “trabocchi” restored into restaurant.

A Trabucco is an old fishing machine built from wood, which consists of a platform anchored to the rock by large logs of pine of Aleppo, jutting out into the sea, from where two (or more) long arms calledantennae stretch out suspended some feet above the water and supporting a huge, narrow-meshed, net (called trabocchetto). However, since they lost their economic function in the past centuries when they were the main economical source of entire families of fishermen, trabucchi rose into the role of cultural and architectural symbols and tourist attraction. After lunch we move to a unic and fascinating place located more in the hinterland, that is Roccascalegna. After the check in at a local hotel, we visit the village and the beautiful Fortress. Return to the hotel for dinner and overstay.


In central Italy you have it all. great weather, uncrowded skies, and big take off sites which are perfect for top landing. So you just have to book your dream glider and fly over the beautiful landscapes of Abruzzo together with an instructor. You do not need a special competence.
If you are visiting Abruzzo in October or November you could not miss this special experience in contact with the nature. Actually that is the time when the uplands of Navelli start to color of violet-red stains mottlet with purple red. This is because they get covered with the Crocus sativus limneo flowers, that is the soffran flowers, from which you get the special spice used in many recipes. You can learn how they pick the flowers and discover the following steps through which they obtain the spice.

8° day - Vasto

Breakfast and departure for Vasto. The central geographical position make it very interesting to visit this small center, located on the top of a hill, that gradually decreases to the sea, and overlook the so called “golfo lunato”.


If you love being in touchh with Nature and uncontaminated place, you should visit the first Nature Reserve in the Abruzzo coast. The Riserve is 285 yard extended, from the beach of Punta Penna, till the mouth of River Sinello. The more interesting part of the reserve is the beach of Punta Penna thanks to the many vegetables species that are in present in it. Rising on the top of The Punta Aderci promontory is woth it, as it offers a total view of the entire Reserve.


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